Youth business plan in pakistan lahore

Advertisement Last Updated On: This type of business is very common in almost every country of the world. If you are creative and hard-working, you can establish a small business by yourself.

Youth business plan in pakistan lahore

Young entrepreneurs showcased several interesting new business ideas at Startup Lahore, where more than entrepreneurs, over 30 angel investors, and 3, attendees gathered on Thursday and Friday for the biggest startup event in the country.

The youngsters behind Gallaa are taking the concept to the next level. Think of this like an online savings group. Gallaa defines itself as an online facilitation platform digitising the committees market.

The youngsters behind the business idea say they will provide a mechanism to verify individuals who can then participate in the online savings group while building their reputation ratings at Gallaa.

The startup aims to become a savings marketplace by utilising modern technology breakthroughs in mobile payments and financial inclusion. With the common goal of saving for an impending need, Gallaa will bring together the Karachi shopkeeper and the young professional in Lahore, allowing both to meet their savings goals," explains the people behind Gallaa.

Two years ago, Majeed was class-2 obese, weighing over pounds and battling with resulting health problems. But, with his will power and self-belief, he controlled his diet and lost roughly pounds within just a span of 10 months.

It was this journey of his that inspired Majeed to develop Nutright, a weight loss program inside a personalised fitness solution app. I started my struggle against obesity inand after shedding 55 kilogrammes I got the idea of building a tech-based solution for Pakistanis to help them fight obesity," he said.

The app helps you track progress of your weight loss, your diet and daily water intake, as well as your meal plans, exercise routines, and other personalised fitness solutions.

The app is currently available for Android phones, but Majeed says an iOS version is also under development and will be available soon.

Aitomation Imagine an army of robots doing the daily dirty work for you at the office. Only, these are software bots able to mimic human actions on the computer.

The company says it can take away all mundane, boring tasks from the employees of a company. We believe it is among the 20 promising business ideas selected for the final round of the Startup Rumble competition.

HajjMented Hajjmented uses state-of-the-art Virtual and Augmented reality to train Hajj pilgrims before they even begin their travel to Makkah and Madina for the holy pilgrimage.

They find it very difficult to navigate in new cities. The startup aim to use virtual reality to impart knowledge and eliminate chances of stampedes during Hajj. The company says it has already signed contracts with travel agencies in Pakistan to implement their training solutions.

youth business plan in pakistan lahore

Cric Flex Pakistani bowlers have recently been embroiled in a lot of unfortunate incidents regarding illegal actions. Remember Saeed Ajmal and Mohammad Hafeez?Prime Minister Youth business loan scheme is for youth of the Country to get better opportunities of employment and economic empowerment in the society launched by Govt.

of Pakistan. Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt. of Pakistan May My competence spoke for itself when Ministry of Youth Affairs, Govt.

The Work Of A Nation. The Center of Intelligence.

of Pakistan nominated me at National Youth Business Plan Competition , Islamabad where I presented a business plan in dairy farming which was highly appreciated by all and also affected the ongoing business Title: Innovator at The Bag Maker.

Prime Minister's Youth Business Loan, Link Wahdat Road, Lahore. likes · 1 talking about this. Prime Minister's Youth Business Loan is in Lahore, Pakistan. The meeting further reviewed the most common queries and concerns of the public and thus devised a complete plan of propagating the correct information to the general public.

Lahore: Pakistan International Airlines is going to launch premier services from August 14, The first of its kind, the service will provide Business & Economy class to the passengers.

youth business plan in pakistan lahore

Three A Aircrafts have been obtained from Srilanka for these operations. Pakistan is a developing country and youth in Pakistan makes up about 35% of it’s total population. In the midst of crunching times, when Pakistan is facing severe issues such as terrorism, economic crisis, target killings the burden to take the country out of the whirlpool is upon it’s young people.

This project covers Huawei Marketing Plan with latest marketing analysis and competitive analysis. According to Definition of Marketing, Huawei is creating interest in its potenetial clients and customers to buy his products and services.

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