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Trump inauguration had largest audience ever "That's what you guys should be writing and covering," new White House press secretary Sean Spicer angrily lectured reporters on Saturday during his first remarks from the podium of the press briefing room. He was referring to the delay in Senate confirmation for President Donald Trump's pick to lead the CIA, Congressman Mike Pompeo, but the comment came after a long digression about how many people had shown up to watch Trump be sworn in as president.

Write to the white house

Public tour requests must be made through your member of Congress find your member of Congress and contact information here and submitted up to three months in advance and no less than 21 days prior to your visit.

You are encouraged to submit your tour request as early as possible as tours fill up quickly and a limited number of spaces are available. Tours are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. All White House tours are free. Please note tours are subject to last minute cancellations based on the official White House schedule.

Self-guided tours run from 7: Tuesday through Thursday, and 7: Fridays and Saturdays unless otherwise noted. All guests over 18 years old will be required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID upon check-in. Foreign nationals must present their passport.

Please bring as little as possible avoid backpacks, food, large handbags, bottled water, etc. Visitors will go through security prior to entering the White House. There are no restrooms available at the White House.

The closest restroom is located at the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion nearby. Secret Service members are stationed in each room and are available to answer questions about the history and architecture of each room.

Public transportation is strongly encouraged.

Write to the white house

How to tour the White House Garden Another opportunity to visit the White House is to attend either its fall or spring garden tour. The announcement of the garden tours is usually made within a week or two of when they take place. Garden tours generally run for two consecutive days.

They may be canceled due to poor weather. A ticket is required for all attendees including small children. Review the announcement for specific details. Where can I store my belongings during the tour?


It is important to note that security at the White House is extremely high. If your hotel is nearby, we suggest leaving your belongings in your room during the tour. If this is not possible, there are a few other options.

That person can take the self-guided tour once his or her group has finished the tour.

Write to the white house

These are located near Gate A. Lockers are available from 6 a. A photo ID is required and lockers must be paid for via cash or credit in advance.THE UNOFFICIAL WHITE STRIPES FAQ Version 6 The FAQ that USA Today calls "exhaustive" and currently the only FAQ on the White Stripes.

Actually I can't say 'only' anymore theres a couple others out there but they just steal the work that I rightfully stole from others. For complete details on White House tours, visit the White House tours and events page or call the White House Visitors Office hour information line at () The White House is located at Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

Write or Call the White House President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. That begins with taking comments and questions from you, the public. With the construction of this Lego Architecture depiction of the White House I again committed the mortal sin of rushing through the instructions as incorrectly using the wrong pieces and skewing the foundation of this historic piece.

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Committed to publishing great books, connecting readers and authors globally, and spreading the love of reading. Feb 05,  · WASHINGTON — President Trump loves to set the day’s narrative at dawn, but the deeper story of his White House is best told at night.

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White House press secretary attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds