What is human service

National Standards for a Masters Degree in Human Services Human services curricula are based on an interdisciplinary knowledge foundation that allows students to consider practical solutions from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

What is human service

However, there is one common thread that runs throughout the Human Services field and defines it. Human Services are those jobs which provide a Service to Society, particularly in times of crisis.

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Human Services are designed to help people navigate through crisis or chronic situations where the person feels they need external help and guidance to move forward with their life and rediscover their personal power and self-sufficiency.

Sometimes the situation the person needs help with is external, such as the loss of a job or income, the need for food or housing or for help getting out of a dangerous situation. For other people the difficulty they are facing is an internal challenge such as depression, a physical ailment or disability or other mental or physical health crisis.

So then, the definition of Human Services is a service that is provided to people in order to help them stabilize their life and find self-sufficiency through guidance, counseling, treatment and the providing for of basic needs.

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This can take many forms from a Psychologist, to an Eligibility Worker helping a family get government assistance or a Substance Abuse Counselor. There are many ways in which Human Services are provided to the public.

The one of the three main distinctions are the providing of basic needs and services for those in crisis who are seeking shelter, food and a safe environment such as the homeless, children in abusive households or a family in need of food.

What is human service

The other primary distinction is those people who are having chronic problems in their life such as someone seeking mental health treatment, substance abuse counseling or medical treatments for chronic conditions. A third distinction is those who work at the Macro level to improve public health, safety and economic conditions for their community.

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Some examples of Human Services jobs include, but are not limited to:The Definition of Human Services. For those unfamiliar with the field, the question may arise “what is the definition of Human Services?” The answer is that Human Services is a vast field that describes many very different kinds of occupations.

However, there is one common thread that runs throughout the Human Services field and defines it. The field of Human Services is broadly defined, uniquely approaching the objective of meeting human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations.

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Public Health Service. Published since , PHR has been a . The median annual wage for social and human service assistants was $33, in May The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an . 1 Clarion County Human Service Directory February Directory will be updated annually Contact Clarion County’s Promise to make any changes/additions.

The human services professional is an individual who is driven to succeed in helping people and organizations perform at an optimal level. The human services professional must have an array of knowledge and a skillset that helps them understand people, both as individuals and within groups.

Overview of a Human Services Professional Career