The faculty and summer internship

Use the text search feature to find project descriptions that contain the key words you enter. You can also visit the NIH Intramural Research Program website for a list of investigators organized by scientific focus area. Individuals who are U. Students with disabilities; students from racial and ethnic groups that have been shown by the NSF to be underrepresented in health-related sciences on a national basis Blacks or African Americans, Hispanics or Latinos, American Indians or Native Americans, and Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders ; students who identify as LGBTQ; students who are Pell-grant eligible; and others disadvantaged by circumstances that have negatively impacted their educational opportunities, including recent natural disasters, are encouraged to apply.

The faculty and summer internship

Eligible students are invited to apply for an internship. When applying, they'll indicate the faculty member they'd like work with, and why.

During the internship, the students will be paid for 12 weeks of full-time research work. Application forms are evaluated based on enthusiasm, professionalism and clarity of ideas. As a DSRI recipient, I am gaining an in depth understanding of the developmental origins of health and disease DOHaDas well as acquiring laboratory skills beyond my second year standing.

Kristin Connor has given me the opportunity to be part of a research team and learn about the scientific process from start to finish. This review discusses the role of the placenta and fetal membranes in regulating transport of inflammatory mediators and xenobiotics to the fetus in conditions of maternal inflammation and we plan to submit the manuscript for peer review within the next few months, with an aim to have it published in a scientific journal.

I have also gained new laboratory skills to answer the question: I hope to continue to work on this initiative throughout the year.

Although my research experience is still in its infancy, the experience and exposure to another domain in the area of health science has sparked my interest to potentially pursue a career involving maternal and prenatal health.

Kristin Connor has advanced my proficiency in a laboratory setting and further allowed me to hone skills required for scientific investigation. I was able to gain exposure to various techniques useful for molecular biology and histology, as well as learn how to appropriately synthesize data obtained from research into scientific literature.

The faculty and summer internship

The laboratory work that I have been undertaking is part of a larger study that we hope to complete in the upcoming months. Being given the chance to write a literature review regarding the effects of early life dietary interventions on the intestinal, brain and microbial development of preterm infants, has taught me a great deal about the scientific writing process.

I will also have the opportunity to submit this review article for peer review and publication, which is an exciting opportunity for an undergraduate student! The skill set I have obtained this summer has prepared me well beyond my years and will be of great use moving forward in my academic career.

Her hands-on, collaborative approach teaching of research was an incredible experience and has ignited a deeper passion in me for scientific investigation.


This very special opportunity is made possible through the generous support of our donors.The Cardiothoracic Surgical Skills and Education Center Stanford Summer Internship is designed to educate high school and pre-medical students considering careers in science, medicine, and public health in basic and advanced cardiovascular anatomy and physiology as well as medical and surgical techniques that will be utilized in pre-medical and medical school.

Our summer internship program is a year long personalized approach to help provide students with not only the skills to seek out intenships but be able to transition those skills into finding a . Academic Credit through TEAN.

TEAN has partnered with Elmhurst College, located in suburban Chicago, to offer a U.S. transcript and award 6 upper division internship academic credits for TEAN’s 8-week summer internship programs.

The Faculty Fellows Experience

Berkeley Lab summer research internships for faculty and faculty-student teams. BLUR Berkeley Lab Undergraduate Research. Fall, spring, and summer internships for undergraduates in science, engineering, technical areas, and public administration.

CCI Community College Internship. Go to MySJU to collaborate with faculty online, send e-mail, view course information.. Access to schedules, academic records, financial aid and more. New Students log into your University Information System (UIS) to set up your student account for the first time.

Mission: Stanford CSI brings together curious learners from differing backgrounds to actively engage in the exploration of the art and science behind world-class timberdesignmag.comer, contribute and make meaningful connections and friendships while working alongside dedicated and dynamic Stanford medical students, residents and faculty, who are all eager to share the joy they have found in medicine.

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