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Spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena pdf creator

Stoddard, Meridian Magazine October 6, Although the LDS church has painted a picture of Joseph Smith as an uneducated farm boy, he was home schooled quite extensively in "reading, writing, and the ground rules of arithmetic," as his mother put it.

According to Joseph's mother, even from an early age, it is apparent that Joseph was not a typical boy, but possessed some qualities and mannerisms that seemed beyond his years. Some Mormons know about Joseph's terrible operation on his leg at age seven.

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Infected bone was cut from his swollen and infected lower leg without any anesthesia. Joseph's mother reported the incident in her writings: The principal surgeon, after a moment's conversation, ordered cords to be brought to bind Joseph fast to a bedstead; but to this Joseph objected.

The doctor, however, insisted that he must be confined, upon which Joseph said very decidedly, "No, doctor, I will not be bound, for I can bear the operation much better if I have my liberty. Stone, "will you have some brandy? The Lord will help me, and I shall get through with it.

That manner of speech and control is certainly not typical for a seven-year-old child. Even at that tender age, it appears Joseph had the verbal skills and some influence over those much older than he. Although Joseph survived the operation quite well, he walked with a limp from that day forward.

A few LDS depictions will show Joseph with a limp and occasionally using a cane.

spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena pdf creator

It is apparent in our studies of Joseph Smith that he had academic strengths and weaknesses. We would describe Smith as creative, articulate, and well-read. By his early teens, he had quite a thorough knowledge of The Holy Bible and many other books.

Although well-read beyond average, he appeared weak in areas such as writing and grammar and, of course, in formal education subjects such as the sciences and mathematics. Joseph's education Joseph Smith had a limited formal education which is often used as a reason why he could not have written the Book of Mormon.

However, just because his formal schooling was limited, that does not mean he did not have the mental acumen to produce a work like the Book of Mormon. Education was important to the Smith family, and although Joseph may have only had limited formal education in a typical classroom, his parents undoubtedly schooled him at home.

Joseph's mother wrote that they did not neglect the education of their children. This was an educated family: Joseph's father, Joseph Smith, Sr. Joseph's brother, Hyrum, worked as a school teacher during the off season also.

His mother and maternal grandmother were school teachers. One of his sisters may have also been a teacher at some point in her life. Joseph attended school when he was about 20 years old in Harmony, PA with the Stowell children. According to his own words, Joseph read and pondered scriptures.

He had access to books and newspapers. He even held a position as "exhorter" at a local church and participated in the debate group in Palmyra.

Despite limited schooling Joseph Smith loved to study and learn. In part he was influenced by schoolteacher associates. His father once taught school. His maternal grandmother, a schoolteacher, taught his mother the rudiments of 'sums, 'write-o-hand' and spelling.

In the early s few children were able to have a full education. Most children in rural America worked on farms and often had much of their education done at home. As Joseph Smith Sr. Joseph's mother, Lucy Smith, would undoubtedly help as well. Even Abraham Lincoln had a very limited formal educationand Benjamin Franklin also had only one year of formal education.

Look at the amazing things they wrote and accomplished. Today, many people home-school their children—are they to be considered uneducated?

It's true that they do not have a "formal" education, but for the most part, home-schooled children have similar, and in some cases superior, education than traditionally-schooled children. Religious education Young Joseph was able to read and ponder scriptures.

Joseph also attended Protestant church services and apparently studied the Bible in depth.WITH CONGRESS FOISTING socialized medicine on unwilling Americans, the leading figure behind health care reform is the Jewish billionaire George Soros joined by Jewish medical, political, and academic professionals.

Soros has also been pouring money into the Democratic Party with the intent of. Spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena - Kindle edition by William E.

Robinson. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena/5(2). Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin evolution occurred in the spirit world "at a rate more rapid and under conditions more Already by the late 19th century Spiritualism had become increasingly syncretic.

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spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena pdf creator

Harry timberdesignmag.com Jump up^ Catherine Crowe. L. P. Cassadaga: the South's Oldest Spiritualist Community. Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred.

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