Sla ammendments essay

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Sla ammendments essay

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SLA Ammendments | Essay Example

The lack of information here pertaining to the non-exclusivity of the 3 companies involved can be a huge security issue. The data being used here will not be exclusive to only one company, but rather all 3. However, provisions will need to be in place to where the data is shared only between these 3 companies, and not used for any other reason.

Finman would best protect its data by limiting the amount exposed to Datanal and Minertek. The data exposed should only be limited to exactly what is needed to complete the project.

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Finman should create a data pool that will only be used for the duration of the SLA, and that will only encompass the work effort between the 3 companies. This can be accomplished by creating a network of servers and limiting access only to specific personal of the 3 companies involved, and a duration that the information can be shared.

Once the project is over, the servers should be shut down until the time comes to destroy the involved data. The information collected and shared during the duration of the SLA will NOT be allowed to be transmitted, shared, displayed or reproduced without signed consent of Finman. Legal penalties will be involved should any data be used outside of the scope of this SLA.

Personal Conduct This section is vague on its intentions. Each company should have specific standards, all agreed upon, on how they will interact and handle the shared data, and communications involved with it. In Europe there is an act that helps to ensure intellectual property.

The CRDR provides a fifteen year protection of information for all data located in the databases, and due to the standards set by the SLA, the data collected will be destroyed before the protection of CRDR is complete.

Metrics and Quality The metrics here and are not defined. I would define these metrics in the SLA rather than just say they are defined, which will need to be agreed upon by all 3 parties. The progress can then be judged as time goes by according to these metrics.

If at any time Finman feels, and can prove, that Datanal and Mintertek are not meeting the requirements set by these metrics, Finman can cancel the SLA.

I would also remove the entire second paragraph in the metrics clause due to its lack of relevance pertaining to the SLA. The quality section can be added to the metrics section, and the metrics will define the quality of the work. Quality of effort is irrelevant if the metrics are not being met.

Datanal will establish an access control list ACL system to only allow approved users to access specific areas of the network.

All data will be compartmentalized, and on a need to know basis. Data storage integrity will be addressed in regards to a backup solution.Abstract format for project challenges in writing an essay native american literature stories wbtextbookcorporation org circle login index australian writing competitions for high school students social stratification essay questions expat assignment biology articles on animals why is the first amendment important.

Essay about exotic pets

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Sla ammendments essay

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