Related theory of online hotel reservation

A Brief Look at the History of Hotel Technology May 16, By Intelity The hospitality industry has come quite far when it comes to adopting innovation, as shown in this history of hotel technology timeline. Rapid developments within the field of hospitality technology have been getting a lot of attention within the past 10 years, but innovation has been taking place since the industry began. General changes in society have led to new expectations that redefine what it takes to satisfy guests and remain competitive in earning loyalty.

Related theory of online hotel reservation

October 06, ; Accepted: November 19, ; Published: Specifically, online travel market size has reached With increasing amounts of travel-related information provided by online-travel websites and company official website, tourists have a number of choices about how to travel conveniently.

The Internet provides a new ways for individuals to realize word-of-mouth that is social media. Travelers can choose text, image, sound and video etc.

So, far there are currently million social media users, showing a 4. However, litter research with high relevance has been conducted on this emergent marketing practice to offer useful insights for the tourism industry Xiang and Gretzel, As an important type of social media, online reviews pose new possibilities and challenges for tourism marketers.

The rest of the paper is organized as follows: The Research Background section critically reviews relevant literature on basic principal of social media and the relationship between the tendentiousness of review sand purchasing intention.

Then, the Research Hypotheses section explains the use of data collection technique to extract and describe key words from vast quantities of online reviews by hospital customers based on setting up research model and hypotheses.

Findings are then presented in correspondence with each of the hypotheses. Finally, limitations and future research directions are discussed. That is social media can expand interpersonal relationship effectively such as Facebook, Twitter or become interactive and communitization information platform such as ZAGAT, Trip advisor.

In the tourism, social media is more and more close to tourism marketing. On the one hand, multimedia has attracted tourism researchers by generating interests in understanding the role of this type of social media content in transforming travel experiences Tussyadiah and Fesenmaier, Communication rationale of user-generated content: Because hospitality and tourism products are intangible with an experiential nature, e-word of mouth has become important in travel planning Kim et al.

There is a specific standards to explain UGC: Accordingly speaking, online review is also a common form of UGC and applied to tourism marketing widely. Generally, professional degree, opinion leader and relationship of sender and receiver are main indexes to measure the reliability of information sources Gilly et al.

In short, the major factors that influence the spread of UGC are comment volume, rating, valence, variance, dispersion and so on. Online reviews and tourism reservation: Pantelidis used a content analysis approach to analyze about online reviews of restaurants in London and summarized the key word from these sentences Pantelidis, In addition, the relationship between the sales volume and reviews are proved to be significant, including positive attribute which can greatly stimulate reservation intention of potential customer Ye et al.

Therefore, there are two key components about the research: Hotel online reviews keyword statistic Table 2: Tendency of hotel online reviews Table 3: Form of hotel online reviews The authors collected totally valid reviews on Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel from 4 online travel booking website agoda.

As a result, most reviews neutrality described both strengths and weaknesses, at the same time, consumer prefers to detailed experiences more than just a grade or summary. In addition, compared with literature, we presume potential consumers will be influenced in different level.Zyndio has published this Safe Harbor Privacy Statement to explain how we handle all personal information about our customers and our staff (“individuals.

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S11 E2 End of the Rope In the early days of dark winter, falling temperatures and a heavy snowfall force Alaskans to quickly finish their projects or risk falling behind. CHAPTER II Review of Related Literature For further understanding of the study, the researchers made use of different references related to the online reservation system.

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