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This is a placeholder for your sticky navigation bar. It should not be visible. Seeing White A fourteen-part documentary series exploring whiteness in America—where it came from, what it means, and how it works.

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They bet that college would help them move up. Was it Radio documentary good bet? August Changing Class: But new research shows that with the country growing ever more economically divided, colleges are not doing enough to help students from poor families achieve the American Dream.

September Hard to Read: But across the country, public schools are denying children proper treatment and often failing to identify them with dyslexia in the first place. September Shadow Class: For some, that may mean the end of a dream of going to college.

This program profiles DACA students and their opponents and examines a key court case and political forces that led to this moment. September Shackled Legacy: Universities and the Slave Trade by Stephen Smith and Kate Ellis A growing number of colleges and universities in the eastern United States are confronting their historic ties to the slave trade.

Profits from slavery and related industries helped build some of the most prestigious schools in New England. In many southern states, enslaved people built and maintained college campuses.

Radio documentary

August Keeping Teachers by Emily Hanford There may be nothing more important in the educational life of a child than having effective teachers. But the United States is struggling to attract and keep teachers. The problem is most acute in rural areas, where kids may learn math from a social studies teacher.

In urban schools, the teachers most likely to leave are black men, who make up just 2 percent of teachers. September Rewriting the Sentence: College Behind Bars by Samara Freemark One of the best, most cost-effective ways to reduce recidivism is to offer inmates a college education.

But, as the nation prepares for an increase in the number of released prisoners, there is very little being invested in prison higher ed.

September What it Takes: Chasing Graduation at High-Poverty High Schools by Emily Hanford Nearly half of all black and Hispanic students in the United States go to a high-poverty school, where graduation rates lag far behind schools in higher-income areas. Schools in Miami and Pasadena are trying to help students overcome the effects of poverty and segregation.

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August Spare the Rod: Reforming School Discipline by Catherine Winter Kids who are suspended or expelled from school are more likely to drop out and wind up in prison. Schools are struggling to reduce suspensions and to find other ways to make sure classrooms are calm and safe.

August Stuck at Square One: But nearly half end up in basic math and English, re-learning what they were supposed to learn in high school. The vast majority never get a college degree. May Thirsty Planet by Stephen Smith and Samara Freemark Scientists say most people on Earth will first experience climate change in terms of water — either too much or too little.The documentary was the work of author Jerry Hopkins and Watermark, Inc., producer Ron Jacobs.

Although many of Elvis’s songs were included, the dozens of interview segments in it . Scene on Radio is the Peabody-nominated podcast from the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at Duke University. Season 3—MEN—launched July 11, ; episodes post every other podcast’s producer, CDS audio director John Biewen, describes the season-long series: “Co-host Celeste Headlee and I will be asking questions like, What’s up with this male-dominated world?

CBC Radio -The Best of Ideas – Climate Wars Climate Wars – Part One. Global warming is moving much more quickly than scientists thought it would.

Scene on Radio – A Podcast from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

More New Music Than You Can Shake a Stick At! For reals! Through September , we're adding a bunch of new music to Radio Showbiz - over tracks to be exact. To start off this new music parade is none other than the Chuck E.

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The Freep Film Festival opens on Wednesday with a documentary that takes us right into the heart of one of the most compelling stories in sports history anywhere: how the players who became known as the Russian Five came to the Detroit Red Wings and helped power the team to back-to-back Stanley Cups..

The Russian Five is the first feature-length documentary from Port Huron’s Joshua Riehl. This is the exciting new source for everything related to John Ziegler.

Here you can easily find enormous amounts of contemporary and archived audio, video and written content from Ziegler's career as a broadcaster and commentator.

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