Plastic menace

Saving the world from the plastic menace On 7: Since April 22, when United States Senator, Gaylord Nelson, first rallied the support of millions of Americans to support efforts to promote conservation and protect the environment, the awareness ballooned to a worldwide phenomenon, with countries now officially celebrating the world Earth Day. The growing popularity of joining hands to save the world culminated in the famous Paris Climate Agreement signed within the framework of the United Nations in

Plastic menace

April 20, Earth Day is on Sunday Even as Earth Day is being observed on Sunday, tonnes of plastic will eventually end up as trash all around the world.

Dismayed by the accumulation of garbage, many greens are racing against time to do their bit to save the environment. The impact of unchecked disposal of plastic can be witnessed in the wild and in the heart of urban life alike and in the oceans.

During a trek, Praveen Muraleedharan, an eco-tourism entrepreneur, who recently participated in a plogging event in Kodaikanal, could not resist taking a snapshot of a lion-tailed macaque, a critically endangered species, at Valparai in Coimbatore this month.

On another occasion, he discovered microfibre fluff amidst twigs inside a bird nest in Bengaluru. Rooting for nature Similarly, a group of trekkers from the city, during a nature camp in the pristine forests of Athirapally last year, encountered a jumbo hobbling in agony, bleeding heavily from one of its legs.

A large shard of a beer bottle had pierced into its sole and was stuck there. K, president of Nature Education Society of Travancore NESTwhich collects plastic waste from wildlife areas across the State during their monthly trips for safe disposal.

Particularly, high salt content in leftover snacks packets attract animals that often ingest them, eventually falling ill, he points out.

For instance, in Kovalam, there is never a dearth of tourists and visitors at this popular haunt. But not far from the coastline, a bunch of professional divers of underwater adventure firm Bond Safari have been taking the plunge in scuba-diving gear on a rotational basis every single day for the past three years.

Now Eat the PET?

I believe that itself is technically incorrect. Special Arrangement Bond Safari has managed to dredge up over 1 tonne of plastic garbage so far, he says. So what about other waste materials?

Bond Safari has tied up with Eco Preserve, an initiative that collects garbage for its safe disposal at recycling plants in Tamil Nadu. Praveen, who runs resorts in Munnar, Wayanad and Marari beach in Alappuzha, says one way he attempts to limit plastic garbage is by refraining from bringing any inorganic material to his business properties.

Instead, he opts for cloth carry bags made of jute or cotton handmade by local tailors and craftsmen and sterilised glass bottles. Almost all of the spices and ingredients for masala for culinary purposes are cultivated in his organic farms, thus curbing generation of waste plastic packets.

However, Praveen admits that with tourists coming in, the minimum plastic waste produced is collected, segregated, cleaned and despatched to authorised recycling plants in Tamil Nadu.

Plastic menace

While walking, just pick up any trash you find. As we gear up to observe Earth Day tomorrow, this may be an opportune time to pause and think before tossing that plastic bottle into the culvert. Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox every day!Single-use plastic products are a big environmental hazard with a number of Indian states finally putting curbs on their use.

While we may or may not have taken to using plastic alternatives in our everyday life, there is one person who is making efforts to limit the use of plastic in a small but. The Tide Newspaper is the most respected source of news and information for readers in Nigeria, with the latest stories on politics and current affairs, business and technology, sports, culture and the arts, as well as the popular citylife supplement, with nightlife news, restaurant reviews and top events.

Plastic menace is a threat to the entire civilization, and it is high time to understand the global. The latest Tweets from Plastic Menace (@PlasticMenace).

Plastic menace

PET bottles pose a big threat to human life. In the quest to show you how, we hope to inspire everyone . Earth cannot digest plastic - the ‘deadly’ name! Make the world plastic free with Plastic Menace. It is our duty to free the world from the hazards of plastics. Support the campaign of them against plastics.

Feb 16,  · If there is one type of municipal solid waste that has become ubiquitous in India and most developing countries, and largely seen along the shores and waterways of Author: The Hindu.

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