Performance evaluation of financial statements by

In the case of a company with minimal depreciation and amortization activities, EBIT is watched closely by creditors, since it represents the amount of cash that such a company will be able to use to pay off creditors. Such norms, or Industry Averages, can be obtained from various sources outlined below.

Performance evaluation of financial statements by

Share on Facebook Financial statement analysis is the most objective way to evaluate the financial performance of a company.

Financial analysis involves assessing the leverage, profitability, operational efficiency and solvency for a company. Financial ratios are the principle tool used to conduct the analysis. The challenge is knowing which ratios to choose from and how to interpret the results.

The two principal liquidity ratios are the current ratio and the quick ratio. The current ratio is current assets divided by current liabilities.

The quick ratio is more conservative as it excludes inventory and other current assets from the numerator. In general, the higher the ratio the stronger the liquidity position. Step Calculate and analyze efficiency ratios.

Performance evaluation of financial statements by

The two principal efficiency ratios are fixed asset turnover and sales per revenue. Sales per employee is calculated as read.

The higher the dollar amount per employee, the better. Step Calculate and analyze leverage ratios. The two principal leverage ratios are debt to equity and debt to assets.

In general, the higher the ratio, the higher the risk. Step Calculate and analyze profitability ratios. ROA is a measure of how much a dollar invested in assets creates a dollar in sales; ROE is a measure of how much a dollar invested by shareholders creates a dollar in sales.

In general, the higher the percentage the better. Step Compare against industry standards. This will also highlight strengths and weaknesses within the firm.Journal of Management and Marketing Research An evaluation of the effectiveness, page 1 An evaluation of the effectiveness of performance management.

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FDIC Law, Regulations, Related Acts [Table of Contents] [Previous Page] - Statements of Policy UNIFORM FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS RATING SYSTEM. APFC’s monthly financial statements show the assets, liabilities, and Fund balance of the Alaska Permanent Fund for the current month closing date and the previous fiscal year end, as well as details regarding the income and expenses of the Fund.

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