Olive garden essay contest 2012 winners

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Olive garden essay contest 2012 winners

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Jasmine flowers exhale a nearly perfect scent that is intensely floral and warm with undertones of fruit and tea with perhaps a touch of tobacco or leather. The Hindu god of love, Kama-deva, shoots arrows decorated with jasmine flowers from a bow made of sugarcane.

In the Philippines it is the national flower and is called sampaguita. Machmoums are used by both brides and grooms on their wedding day.

In Arabic Yasameen means white flowers and symbolizes feminine beauty and temptation.

Olive garden essay contest 2012 winners

The jasmine plant was first introduced in Europe in the 16th century where it quickly gained immense popularity because of its scent. French perfumers especially took an interest this lovely climbing plant.

This is the Jasmine of the perfumery trade, one of the flowers most valued by perfumers, and grown at Grasse. Jasmine sambac comes in both single flowers, Maid of Orleans for example, and lovely double-flowers that looks just like tiny, creamy roses called Grand Duke of Tuscany.

The Hindu word for offering is puja, which means the Flower act. Two other types of jasmine extracts can be found for those desiring even more of a good thing. Jasminum auriculatum is also called jasmine molle or Juhi and is more reminiscent of gardenias than the other jasmines but may also have a touch of the fecal.

Juhi is considered a sacred flower and is used during Hindu religious festivals. A new one, at least to me, is Jasminum flexile which is described as soft, floral, clean and elegant with perhaps a touch of spice.

There are many other types of true jasmine, and perhaps other extracts, but these are the most commonly available. Indole and the closely related skatol are found in feces but indole is also found in many white flowers and is very characteristic of that floral signature.

By itself, indole actually has a moth-ball, musty, inky smell but when diluted and added to florals it can add elegance and lift to a perfume. In aromatherapy, jasmine is used as an aphrodisiac and it is known to uplift and aid in depression.

Jasmine sambac is used in jasmine tea for a beautifully floral and relaxing drink. The flowers are picked when in bud and as soon as they open are mixed with green tea leaves and heated gently.

The flowers may be removed and fresh ones added several times to obtain a strong fragrance. Other sweetly-fragranced flowers may be called jasmine but are not related.

Night-blooming jasmine is in the potato family; it has trumpet-shaped flowers with the petals arranged in a star and the fragrance is intensely sweet and powdery.

Olive garden essay contest 2012 winners

Carolina jessamine has a sweet fragrance from its yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers and it will climb trees and show off its yellow blooms at the tops of pine trees in the southeastern United States. Confederate jasmine is also a climber and has fragrant white star-shaped flowers.

Pierre Bernard Arabian jasmine is grown in the gardens of Ambouli, Djibouti fol where it is a symbol of joy and love and the flowers are worn at weddings in a necklace, headband or as earrings. In Madhurai, Tamil Nadu, India — also called the City of Jasmine — it is cultivated for perfume companies and the scent is said to be unique.

Grasse, France was historically the center of cultivation for jasmine grandiflorum, and jasmine de Grasse is the most expensive jasmine known. Harvest in Grasse begins in August and requires highly skilled pickers to gather the flowers without bruising them.

Flowers are picked quickly and delicately between dawn and 1 pm. After picking they will continue to exhale for at least 24 hours with the scent changing and becoming slightly sweeter as the flower ages. Grenouille creating an enfleurage in the movie Perfume, A story of a Murderer Historically, enfleurage was the preferred method for obtaining scent but is labor intensive and too expensive, so solvent extraction has replaced it as the primary production method.

After picking, flowers are quickly added to the extractors and between and kilograms of flowers are needed to make one kilo of jasmine absolute from solvent extraction.

There are many types of jasmine but few perfumes without at least a bit of jasmine. There will be ten winners. Draw is by random.

Apply for the Olive Garden's Pasta Tales Essay Contest.

We announce the winners only on site and on our Facebook page, so Like Cafleurebon and use our RSS option…or your dream prize will be just spilled perfume.Jan 13,  · January 13, January 17, jhackman Classroom Classroom, English. In December, ELanCo participated in Penn State University’s 29 th Annual Essay Contest, a statewide writing contest for high school juniors.

The two top placement winners from Garden Spot were Katie Mueller and Sirena Rowland, and their essays have been. Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and timberdesignmag.com The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph.

The website maintained by Jacqueline Friedrich, the author of The Wines of France: the Essential Guide for Savvy Shoppers, and A Wine & Food Guide to the Loire. According to the Olive Garden, the contest is intended to prepare students for the future.

Olive Garden will also bring to life the ideas in the winner's essay by providing a $5, grant to. So every year, Olive Garden normally sells the Never Ending Pasta Pass, but this year they added something special!

So the normal pass just has Eight weeks of unlimited servings of pastas, sauces and toppings from the Never Ending Pasta Bowl® menu with all .

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