Mgmt 597 assignment one

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Mgmt 597 assignment one

The Management Role Entries for MyDistributionGroups is shown below along with showing that this is a built-in role and is intended for end user purposes.

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As before, the built-in RBAC roles are read only so we need to make a writable copy. Once happy, will assign this custom Role to our new Role Assignment Policy. Old dog, new tricks etc…. As mentioned above a mailbox can only have a singe Role Assignment Policy at any given time. You can have multiple Role Assignment Policies, and assign one to a given mailbox.

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You do not have to explicitly assign a Role Assignment Policy, and this is the default behaviour for a mailbox. This can be changed to suit your needs. Mailboxes created will now leverage the Contoso Standard Role Assignment Policy unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Mailboxes created prior to this point will continue to use their existing Role Assignment Policy and will not automagically change to this new default policy.

For a Distribution Group to show up, it must have the ManagedBy attribute set.

Mgmt 597 assignment one

In this test org there are several DGs, but only the ones that user has ManagedBy appear. Conclusion We can see that the basic steps to tune and customise RBAC are very similar to the previous blog on delegating Mail Enabled Contact creation.

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There are some differences as we are creating a custom Management Role to be used as part of a Role Assignment Policy though all the concepts still apply.FellowshipOne Support F1 Help Center [email protected] Mon-Fri from 7AM - 7PM CT Emergency Support available 24/7.

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Mgmt 597 assignment one

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