Farmar suicides

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Farmar suicides

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Farmer Suicides — how can we prevent them? Agriculture has always been celebrated as the primary sector in India. India is an agrarian economy, which means, Agriculture is the pre-dominant sector of the Indian economy.

The secondary and tertiary sectors in India are growing at rapid rates, still a vast majority of Indians continue to depend on agriculture.

Every plan for the growth of the Indian economy aims at agricultural development, which is justified because to achieve the growth rates that the economy aims at, it is important to first address the growth rate of the major sector of the economy.

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Since the first Five year plan, India's focus has been on agriculture and after 50 years of Five year plans, where does Indian agriculture stand? Thanks to the Green Revolution, India is now self-sufficient in food production, gone are the days when India had to import even food grains for daily consumption.

Indian agriculture has been making technological advancement as well. Today, a visit to the villages will reveal that more and more farmers are adopting mechanization for their farming, there is an overall improvement in the agricultural trends in India.

Farmar suicides

Does that mean everything is looking bright for Indian agriculture? A superficial analysis of the above points would tempt one to say yes, but the truth is far from it. Behind all the growth and development lies the reality that Indian farmers have to face - extreme poverty and financial crisis driving them to suicides.

The year saw the first few cases of farmers committing suicides, these cases steadily increased over the next decade, peaking in and reports say that as many as farmers committed suicide in the last 5 years in the state of Andhra Pradesh alone. The worst cases of farmers committing suicides come from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

What are the grave adversities that drive the farmers to commit suicide, at a time when Indian economy is supposed to be gearing up to take on the world? To understand this, one must analyse the agricultural set up in India.

Indian agriculture is predominantly dependant on nature. Irrigation facilities that are currently available, do not cover the entire cultivable land. Any failure of nature, directly affects the fortunes of the farmers. Secondly, Indian agriculture is largely an unorganized sector, there is no systematic planning in cultivation, farmers work on lands of uneconomical sizes, institutional finances are not available and minimum purchase prices of the government do not in reality reach the poorest farmer.

Added to this, the cost of agricultural inputs have been steadily rising over the years, farmers' margins of profits have been narrowing because the price rise in inputs is not complemented by an increase in the purchase price of the agricultural produce.

Even today, in several parts of the country, agriculture is a seasonal occupation.

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In many districts, farmers get only one crop per year and for the remaining part of the year, they find it difficult to make both ends meet. India has witnessed a spate of droughts over the last decade. The worst affected being the farmers of Rayalaseema districts in Andhra Pradesh, it is the cotton farmers in the state of Maharashtra.

Nature has repeatedly failed the farmers of these states and owing to lack of facilities to save their crops, these farmers have no means to face the adversities of crop failures. If the farmers are at the mercy of monsoons for timely water for their crops, they are at the mercy of the government for alternative irrigation facilities.

Farmar suicides

The Government cannot be trusted to always act in the interest of the farmers. The farmers normally resort to borrowing from money lenders, in the absence of institutionalized finance.

Where institutional finance is available, the ordinary farmer does not have a chance of availing it because of the "procedures" involved in disbursing the finance. The institutional finance, where available is mostly availed by the medium or large land owners, the small farmers do not even have the awareness of the existence of such facilities.1 Farmers’ Suicide in India: Agrarian Crisis, Path of Development and Politics in Karnataka Muzaffar Assadi Professor of Political Science.

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Farmers in the US are facing a myriad of challenges these days, and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a report showing that such stress is taking a deadly toll.

While the suicide rates of Americans in all demographics have been on the rise over the last 30 years, farmers have the highest rate of suicide than any . The study of suicide by occupation drew much media coverage, but whether farmers die by suicide more than other groups remains unclearFounded: Sep 18, History[edit] Significant reporting on suicides among farmers in India began in the s In the s India woke up to a spate of farmers suicides.

One of the major reporters of these suicides was the Rural Affairs Editor of The Hindu, P. Sainath. Mar 19,  · After a local dairy farmer took his life in January, Agri-Mark, a large cooperative that bought milk from the farmer, sent its members in the state a list of suicide and mental health hotlines — along with .

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