Creativity organizations essay

December 21, Introduction Creativity and innovation are what differentiates successful business entities from those that are not.

Creativity organizations essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? It boasts 22, patents, many derived from its 15 percent program. Its line of business includes sandpapers for abrasives, wet and dry papers etc.

The company has a good structure which enable them to overcome the setback they had at their first market entrance, of which they come out with new creative technique to innovate ideas together, as a result of the structure of its employees to work together, the company had a major breakthrough in the global market.

Although researchers have analyses the influence of individual, organizational and environmental variables, most of the research has focused on organizational structure.

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Within the field of organizational structure theories, there has been a long tradition of investigating the links between environment, structures and organizational innovation. Several studies have shown how certain organizational structures facilitate the creation of new products and processes, especially in relation to fast changing environments.

The work of micro-economists in the field of strategy emphasizes the superiority of certain organizational structures such as; flat organizational structure, which is similar to the structure adopted by MM ever the tall organizational structure, which is similar to the traditional structure used by the company.

These economists argue that flat organizational structure helps an organization to become more innovative, because it enables all the members of the company to take part in its decision making process Bernard, Similarly, contingency theory argues that the most appropriate structure for an organization is the one that gives its employees the opportunity to take part in its decision making process.

This is mainly a flat organizational structure. This structure enables the employees of the company to directly inform the management of any new ideas they have without any form of bureaucracy to discourage them or slow the process Bernard, Leadership Relation to Innovation Goal achieved through the company to become a global spread as widely from America to include all continents, it means that the leadership was wise and act with tact, simply that the leadership of MM was commitment and role models, before they are statements and opinions without plan.

The executive manager was painting a picture in his mind about the perfect ways for employees what they should be in the many, the focus of leadership was the ability to influence the workers and employees by motivating them to seek enthusiasm and commitment to achieve the targets.

Creativity in Organizations

Opinion of the author that the behaviors practiced by executive manager with the workers Creativity organizations essay staff was effective approach, were his interaction with clear steps as planned already, the most important characteristics is coordination and organization and urged the workers to complete the work on time, and provided them with a great degree of satisfaction and degree of coherence of the group.

Such an environment can be more effective than monetary incentives in sustaining innovation. The executive manager made explicit steps to foster an innovation culture based on trust among employees, in this environment the staff can be effective in sustaining innovation and the executive manager made clear steps to encourage and foster an innovation culture based on the basis of trust between staff and employees.

Thinking in regularity and logical leading to organizational focus and thinking before planning and about planning is a natural evolution expresses minds, Requires basically to be clear on what we want to do at all levels for internal and external affairs And then put the appropriate plans and system for monitoring To make sure of doing things to the fullest is fine.

Barnum, shows the main thing is focus to well Planning and it is what makes the Plan an effective strategy to innovate the most important things and focus is necessary to organizational success. M has hired a staff to service the customers with dignity and respect and to feel the customers satisfied after the communicate with them by providing clear and sufficient information either through direct talks informally, or via email and so on.

The company did not reach to the global of non-understanding of customer needs and engage them in innovation and give their opinions and their views. In cases of opening up new areas MM used the ideas and opinions of customers from outside the company as part of the development team for blending views and engaging them as part of the development team to mix views.

Linking research and experience with customers led to enhance the level of customer satisfaction and knowledge of the product and how to meet its needs and helped to define the identity of the company not only meet the needs of customers but extend to many of the ideas that rise to the concept of creating a response to the wishes of the expected customers.

Thus, these methods have served and satisfied the customers ,have increased activity and effectiveness of the company Stern, The establishment a futuristic company AZIZA the author will face many obstacles, including challenges related to community and economic environment and investment and business owners.

Challenges related to the majority of the community members-the community in general aspiring to reach higher ranks of government and minimizing the importance of managing a business career as an option.

Where the failure is treated always in a negative way and the entrepreneur in the case of failure Just for once-is considered human being failed a lifetime which limits innovation and development.

In Syria, there is the problem of routine and bureaucracy in all sectors where high proportions in the institutions of the public sector and less in the private sector, which is Considered Bad of the work environment in Syria and must be combated to eliminate them through the process of contributing to the awareness community using modern technology to eliminate routine and bureaucracy and serious contribution to the idea of creating a single window Haddam, One of the challenges and not to take full advantage of previous experience and be taken into account as a reference lichen performance of he work, as well as the policy of the state and the economic system in the country, the culture of the community is also full of routine, there is no full advantage of the technology and techniques in the field of electronic daily work, the lack of automation of processes in the offices which leads to lose time, which leads to lack of innovation Haddam, While a employee will rewarded by a rise of pay, another will measure their success wrought a promotion.

Also the training could be a strong factor to motivate for the staff, and this also helps them to acquire a new skills. Thereby increasing performance of their Job and stimulates them to creative new things.

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Adoption of the good incentives stems from a measure of fair and realistic comes the following results: Raising the level of production of employees, which is reflected on the production, cut the company costs by reducing the damage, the spread of a positive atmosphere between the members of the company because of the general sense of attestation and Justice, Increase in the number wishing to Join the company of qualified and creators, and the presence of a picture of a shiny bright and positive of the society Fedora, What draw the attention of the author also is a constant quest of MM Company in the preparation of future plans for the administration the transitional phase.

According to Donald,organizational transition management is an approach to changing an organization situation from a current state to a desired future state. · Creativity to Innovation in Organizations solution to a problem, thus born of creativity.

The stronger individual creativity in organizations by working in groups, depending on the purpose of the contribution, the utility, the how creative is organizations or groups?

Creativity organizations essay

We can’t think and essay Creativity organizations essay. plays a critical role in developing creativity skills like lateral thinking, mind mapping techniques, and creative problem things to help focused while writing a paper solving.

It is a particular instrument of enterperuninar the means by which they exploit amend or a chance for a various business or service europeanhumanistseu/ Custom Conflicts and Creativity in Organizations essay paper Introduction Conflicts are endemic to the human society, and the modern workplace faces challenge like grudges, rumours, sarcasm, and unpleasant comments (Rout & Omiko, )  · CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND COLLABORATIVE ORGANIZATIONS Fernando Cardoso de Sousa* These decentralized organizations operate in such a way that makes it possible to abolish or, at least mitigate, the role of power.

‘creativity is located in neither the creator nor the creative product but rather in the Innovation and Creativity in Organizations Full Time MBA MyAssignmentTutorIndividual Assessment Evaluating Organizational Innovation: Making recommendations on a real-world case Objective: It is important that you have the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge you have gained throughout this module to a real-world organizational The purpose of this study was to assess barriers to creativity and innovation to business organizations.

The new market in this new business world is quite unforgiving and very intolerant of low quality

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