Codes and conventions english essays for kids

The core gameplay revolves around picking up and placing these objects.

Codes and conventions english essays for kids

A survey of non-verbal codes is not manageable here, and the interested reader should consult some of the classic texts and specialist guides to the literature e. In the context of the present text a few examples must suffice to illustrate the importance of non-verbal codes. In some institutions, such as in many business organizations and schools, a formal dress code is made explicit as a set of rules a practice which sometimes leads to subversive challenges.

The way that we dress can serve as a marker of social background and subcultural allegiances. This is particularly apparent in youth subcultures. Subsequent British youth subcultures such as mods and rockers, skinheads and hippies, punks and goths have also had distinctive clothes, hairstyles and musical tastes.

codes and conventions english essays for kids

Marcel Danesi has offered a more recent semiotic account of the social codes of youth subcultures in Canada Danesi b. People have to look in order to be polite, but not to look at the wrong people or in the wrong place, e.

The duration of the gaze is also culturally variable: Such codes may sometimes be deliberately violated. Codes of looking are particularly important in relation to gender differentiation. One woman reported to a male friend: Gay men are able to subtly communicate their shared worldview by a special gaze that seems to be unique to them Most gay men develop a canny ability to instantly discern from the returned look of another man whether or not he is gay.

The gay gaze is not only lingering, but also a visual probing Almost everyone I interviewed said that they could tell who was gay by the presence or absence of this look.

A study by Barnlund in depicted the various parts of the body which informants in the USA and Japan reported had been touched by opposite-sex friends, same-sex friends, their mother and their father Barnlundcited in Argyle The resulting body-maps show major differences in cultural norms in this regard, with body areas available for touch being far more restricted in Japan than in the United States.

An earlier study of American students showed differences in the patterns for males and females in the amount of touching of different areas of the body by the various others Jourardcited in Argyle The students reported that they had been touched most by their mothers and by friends of the opposite sex; their fathers seldom touched more than their hands.

codes and conventions english essays for kids

Social codes also govern the frequency of physical contact. Jourard also reported the following contacts per hour in different cities: Codes are variable not only between different cultures and social groups but also historically.

It would be interesting to know, for instance, whether the frequency of touching in various cities around the world which was reported by Jourard in the s is noticeably different now. Saussure, of course, focused on sychronic analysis and saw the development of a language as a series of synchronic states.

Similarly, Roman Jakobson and his colleague Yuri Tynyanov saw the history of literature as a hierarchical system in which at any point certain forms and genres were dominant and others were subordinate. When dominant forms became stale, sub-genres took over their functions.

Historical change was a matter of shifting relations within the system Eagleton For Foucault, specific discourses such as those of science, law, government and medicine are systems of representational codes for constructing and maintaining particular forms of reality within the ontological domain or topic defined as relevant to their concerns.

A range of discursive positions is available at any given time, reflecting many determinants economic, political, sexual etc. Foucault focused on power relations, noting that within such contexts, the discourses and signifiers of some interpretative communities are privileged and dominant whilst others are marginalized.

On the other hand people who feel marginalized are often very well-attuned to analogue nuances within dominant social codes - if you want to codify stereotypical straight male behaviour try asking a gay man to describe it. We learn to read the world in terms of the codes and conventions which are dominant within the specific socio-cultural contexts and roles within which we are socialized.

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