Assignments: retail services management essay

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Assignments: retail services management essay

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Assignments: retail services management essay

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Explain the importance of Service selling. What are the basic differences between the selling of goods and services? 2. Describe the employees’ function in service bringing.

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3. Write a brief note on “extended service selling mix for Retail” 4. What is meant by “service blueprint”? Explain its .

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Last Date of Assignments Submission The following are the last dates for Submission of your assignments to the coordinator of your study centre. Customer relationship management means to managing and fulfilling the expectations of the customers via delivering them best product and services than its competitors in that industry.

Effective CRM brings profits in the company and helps in improvements of overall financial position of the business via continuous profits.

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Fashion Retail Management Major Assignment (Part 1) – Semester 2, Value: 30%. Due: To be submitted to directly to your teacher at the start of class in Week 7 . Leadership Essay (Assignment 1) Xinyu (Jason) Wu Introduction Since the revolution of business management from last century, there is various leadership style created to suit different environment of organization and for better performance.

Assignments: retail services management essay

Introduction and support opinions including examples of transformational leadership is given, which is the preferred leadership style in this paper.

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