An account of the trip to the hospital

Biography[ edit ] Born and raised in the Persian Jewish community of Iranat age 15 Samadi and his younger brother left in after the Iranian Revolution. After high school, Samadi attended Stony Brook University and earned his degree in biochemistry on a full scholarship. He earned his M.

An account of the trip to the hospital

Hin und her und hin Contents [ show ] Puzzle A man went to visit his friend in the hospital. He got meters from his front door before he remembered that he wanted some flowers. He went back to the flower shop and continued to the hospital.

The flower shop is on a straight line between his house and the hospital, meters from the hospital. Afterward, the man walked straight home, on the same road.

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How many total meters did he walk between leaving home and returning? Hints Click a Tab to reveal the Hint.

An account of the trip to the hospital

The outgoing and return journeys can be shown as: First, the man walks meters from home to point X. Next, he returns to the shop. Call this distance Y. Then he walks meters from the shop to the hospital. On the return journey, he walks meters from the hospital to the shop and then walks from the shop to his home.

The shop is somewhere on the straight line between home and point X, and the distance from X to home is meters. So the distance from X to shop Y plus that from shop to home Z must total The rest is just addition!

Solution Incorrect Too bad! Try drawing a diagram of the entire route to the hospital via the shop and back home. The red line is the first meters the man walked from home. The dotted lines show the original journey to the shop and the journey from the shop back home, which in total must be the same distance as the first meters.

So the total distance is meters.Beginning with the advance plans and Secret Service preparations for the trip, this chapter reviews the motorcade through Dallas, the fleeting moments of the assassination, the activities at Parkland Memorial Hospital, and the return of the Presidential party to Washington.

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Two Parts: Seeing a patient Dealing with hospital staff (as a patient) Community Q&A%(22).

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