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Al Jazeera is accessible in several world regions. UntilAl Jazeera was owned by the government of Qatar. It had fallen apart after a year and a half when the Saudi government attempted to kill a documentary on executions under sharia law.

A2 coursework nfgs

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Stayed within convention Close up We have used various conventions throughout the planning, researching and creating of our music video.

It does this by allowing the audience to identify themselves with the artist, creating a connection. Sympathy for the way that she is portrayed through the video is created due to her longing of desire and her sense of loneliness in Wonderland.

It can also express the lyrics with how the artist feels, by looking directly at the camera with particularly lyrics. Another way that the lyrics can be empathised is the extreme close up's of the artist face in certain parts of the song.

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The song has an overall feeling of coldness and a sense of alone, this is portrayed through the artists expressions and through her eyes. Her eyes have a glaze over them, showing the coldness, which mimics the lyrics in her actions.

I compared our music video with Amy Mcdonald - 'This is the life' due to her continuous close up's and the artist fitting into the indie genre.

During the video, Amy's expressions were often made by her eyes, meaning that it was 'cold' and sudden, giving an overall theme of darkness within the video to the audience.

In our video, Amelia has similar expressions also. The reason being as our video has the same effect. We used this convention, as I felt that we needed a connection between the audience and the artist. Not only did it build a connection, but it also stayed with in the convention which ultimately made it easier for the audience to gather the overall narrative and the genre which the music video fits in.

By keeping to this convention, an overall effect was created which kept the connection between both the audience A2 coursework nfgs the artist. It also showed the artist as herself, rather than the illusion of Alice from Alice in Wonderland the overall theme of our music video. The angle of the camera was often on the same level as Amelia but off to the side, this gives an overall effect that she is not connecting to the audience in a direct way, she is portraying the narrative of being alone in Wonderland.

Narrative Another convention that we stuck with throughout our music video was narrative. I felt that this was key, due to the song choice and to make it clear to the audience what was happening throughout the video.

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The overall narrative that we decided upon was the story of Alice in Wonderland, however, we felt that it would be more interesting if we took the overall story and made it our own.

We did this, by allowing Alice to be alone in Wonderland. This automatically set tone for our music video which linked to the lyrics and music. I decided to use a narrative as it portrayed our ideas through the video in a clear, concise form.

I felt that keeping the video clear to understand was key as the narrative in itself could be quite hard to follow, therefore the narrative was important to portraying the overall video.

To create this particular narrative, we filmed a long shot of Amelia walking under a corridor of trees. We came up with this idea through the inspiration of the Verve with the similar footage.

The actor in the video was walking down a street, automatically this provides the narrative for the audience, however, I felt that we could still create the same affect but with filming the narrative in a different way.

I feel that overall it gives an effect that the audience will always remember and associate our video with. It provides an enjoyment for for the audience in an unusual way of creating a mysterious sense.

A2 coursework nfgs

Developed Conventions Lighting The convention that we developed was the lighting contained within our video. The reason why we developed this convention is to create an overall effect for the video, keeping within the narrative.

The theme that we created was a dark and empty Wonderland with only Alice by herself. Therefore, we decided to take up the opportunity of using the lighting to really create the mood for the viewer.

With this in mind, we used a wash of blue over certain aspects of footage and lowered the brightness. Whilst researching other music videos and the effects that they used, I looked at the video Miley Cyrus 'When I look at you'. However, with her video, she used colour contraster to edit the lighting to make it look brighter and unrealistic.

I took inspiration from this video with how the mood was created here. Even though our colour contrasts are different, with Miley's video being brighter and ours being darker, there is a clear comparison between them both.

After showing the video to a wide audience, we got a range of feedback explaining that the lighting was effective as it portrayed the theme in a clear manor.

Mise en Scene - Location The other convention that we chose to develop was mise en scene - location. The reason being as this theme is based upon everything being 'wacky' and 'out of place.

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Therefore, chosing the location for our tea party, we felt that outside backing onto a row of dark trees would be best for what we were trying to portray.

The mise en scene, regarding the props, fitted into the theme and genre perfectly with the top hat, mugs and costume that Alice is wearing. To compare our video along with another, I chose Sarah Bareilles - 'Love Song' due to choice of video.The English Language A2 Blog Saturday, 28 November Sample Coursework To Do List.

A2 Language Coursework. Coursework • Investigation of words - includes students own words only. Welcome to the NFGS A-level English Language. Here you find your resources and homeworks from the various weeks. Specimen: “Digital technology turns media consumers into media producers.” In your own experience, how has your creativity developed through using digital .

The English Language A2 Blog Saturday, 28 November Sample Coursework To Do List. A2 Language Coursework. Coursework • Investigation of words - includes students own words only.

Welcome to the NFGS A-level English Language. Here you find your resources and homeworks from the various weeks.

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The performance aspect was a large part of my video, and is a huge convention in the indie genre. I observed this convention in many videos, including this one by Gabriella Cilmi.I felt that the performance aspect worked well in my video, as it emphasized the talent and authenticity of the artist performing. View a2-instructions-for-coursework from SCIENCE 4UI at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. A2: Unit 4: Further and Independent Reading Coursework All AOs are assessed in these two pieces of. An Excellent A2 History Coursework In 13 Easy Steps. A2 History coursework tips. Date: 18/02/

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