A reputation contradicted essay

Spring Plato, Apology A.

A reputation contradicted essay

Accepting nothing less than the truth, seeking general knowledge of life, Socrates questioned everyone and everything. His work and teachings burst the political bubble of Athens in the fifth century and it ultimately cost him his life.

Because Freethinking individuals pose a threat to certain political regimes. His teachings, and the work of his students spawned a new objective way of thinking that opened the door to philosophy, and political institutions, to coexist together in the future.

Socrates was a great thinker and debater focused on the truth.

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He spent his life walking the streets of Athens in pursuit of knowledge. His subjects were often humiliated by his questioning. It did not matter if the person was prominent or influential or if they were young or old. Socrates could question anyone and expose his or her falsities.

Eventually Socrates humiliated the wrong people, and ended up being brought to trial. He could not be prosecuted solely because he humiliated someone, so charges of corrupting the youth and Teaching against the things the city believe in were brought up against him.

More specifically, in the Apology Socrates tells us how important it is to listen to the gods before the state, and in the Crito he argues that one should follow the laws of the state above anything.

These two statements clearly show that he is using different arguments in front of different audiences, siding with whichever suits his goals at the time. During his trial Socrates states; "If you said to me in this regard: But then when he is awaiting his execution after the trial, he is quoted as saying; "To do so is right, and one must not give way or retreat or leaves one's post, but both in war and in courts and everywhere else, one must obey the commands of one's city and country, or persuade it as to the nature of justice.

This is clearly in contradiction with his earlier statements at his own trial. And Socrates being in the position he was with students and admirers, the leaders of the city obviously saw him and his practices as a danger to their way of life.

When Socrates is spending the night in jail before his execution, Crito tells Socrates that an escape has been arranged for him.

But he does not listen. I think he realizes in his old age and current situation, that the state has no room for philosophers or people who question the laws of the city.

And it is this realization of his that compels him to remain in the jail cell and face his doom. Socrates continues to insist that he is against all forms of retaliation against the state, unlike his attitude during the trial where he tries to get the state to change its laws and let him continueManaging The Corporate Reputation Management Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Reputation is a difficult element to measure and to date there remains conflicting opinions from academics on the most accurate form of measurement.

(Firestein, ) The importance of being able to measure reputation as accurately as possible has become.

A reputation contradicted essay

A Reputation Contradicted Essay. A Reputation Contradicted To many, a “hero” is someone who saves something or someone else. Although Odysseus seems to be the hero in Homer’s The Odyssey, his name problematizes the nature of his heroism, and ultimately, of his identity.

The Value Of Reputation essays A reputation is probably one of the most important things a person can have in life. A reputation may decide your whole life and decide how successful you may become.

Many people may say that the way a person or people view you doesn't matter or doesn't affe. Managing The Corporate Reputation Management Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. this is contradicted by an "us and them" divide between senior management and staff.

In the poem "Design" written by Robert Frost, the classic use of the color white, generally referring to innocence and purity, is symbolically contradicted.

Case Analysis The Goss v. Lopez. So, the problem was to decide whether this local law contradicted the Constitution of the United States. Still, there was a counter plea that education could not be accepted as a fundamental right because it was provided at the expense of the taxpayers; it was not to be considered as a constitutional right.

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